The Benediction of the Light, by Richard Jefferies

“I saw a brown and dry oak leaf caught in the bushes in December. A sunbeam lit on it and it glowed among the dark branches. Immediately my thought responded and my mind too, received the light. Touching the brown leaf, brittle to the fingers, I gathered the ray from it. In a cold and cheerless upper room the afternoon and sinking sun cast a beam upon the wall. I sat a little while where it reached me, and it sank into me. I saw the sun level on to the fir-tree tops. There was a low sound from them as the air passed; it seemed as if I was looking to the sun. In the morning I can in the winter just see the sun arise; if it is cloudy or not, my first glance is there. I pause on the staircase because the window faces the south and the sunshine falls through it. The thought of the sunshine, even in winter, is beauty.”

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