Dr Rebecca Welshman
The West Country

Bio: I write and edit work on literature and the environment, place, nature, and time. My publications include various articles on Richard Jefferies, Hardy, and Virginia Woolf, and a contribution to the Green Letters journal about reading, literature, and sustainability. I co-edited an anthology of Jefferies' works in 2010, with Hugoe Matthews, and I have published creative non fiction in the magazines Earthlines, the Island Review, and This England. I am a committee member of the Richard Jefferies Society, and a Trustee of the Richard Jefferies Museum Trust. I live in rural Cumbria on a farm. Simon Coleman, who contributes to the Jefferies blog, has been a member of the Jefferies Society since 2000. He is interested in Jefferies' writing on place, his use of Greek ideas of natural beauty and the union of mind and body, and in promoting his value today as a writer who brought a spiritual dimension to human interaction with nature. Simon's other interests include Walt Whitman, mythology (especially Celtic, Greek and Norse), literary archives, exploring the downland of southern England. Some of his favourite places are Exmoor, and the northern Scottish islands (especially Orkney).

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